What we do
and how we
get it done


We promise to distinguish customer-driven opportunities from mere possibilities. To do this, we develop
deep target group insight in three phases: identifying, creating and leveraging added value.

Our service areas


  • Target group & market insight
  • Journey mapping & shopper
  • Brand opportunities & trends


  • Collaborative concept creation
    & service design
  • Concept validation & development
  • Organizational & partner engagement


  • Optimization of offering
  • Continuous development
  • Operating models & learning

Getting to the true nature of things ensures you're solving the right problems.

All we do aims to help focus development on what matters. Our services are a combination of consumer behaviour & market research and a business-driven mindset in implementing the results. We are team players, focused on the benefit of the project team and external partners.


Insight is at its most useful when woven into development. It frames the challenge, maintains focus and ensures implementation.

Insight into development

By itself, even the best insight is nothing. Well implemented, it’s everything.

The insight we generate is to the point, and to us even beautiful, but it’s no pretty accessory. Our entire way of working is built to weave insight into where it counts: getting you where you’re going. This is why we say no to report dumping, and yes to impact.


All our work is guided by 5 principles. Beyond that we are agile and utilize
a variety of methods to best meet the needs of each individual project.



Support business strategy

Develop insight – in order to get where you're going



People come first

To see beyond the limits of your business, look at the world through their eyes



Frame and communicate

Uncover underlying connections, crystallize the essential



No report dumping

Don't settle for a report, implement insight into development



Keep looking ahead

Even when enhancing the current state, think about the future

We utilize a wide variety of research methods to deliver insights that have an impact.

We believe in quality. Often, this means taking a qualitative route to insight. We quantify to understand potential & target group differences, weights of all kinds. More and more of what we do in life, we do online. But that doesn’t mean life has become digital. Similarly, much of our insight is built using digital tools. But we also value the role of the physical: when experiences, products & services take place in the real world, we study them there. We derive insight from trend studies, ethnography and the engagement of customers & consumers, experts & external stakeholders, as well as personnel. Whatever the methods, we always strive to get to deep, business-changing truths. These can sometimes be complex, which is why we always boil things down to the essential, and communicate that with clarity.